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Adaptive Presets
Landscape Edition

Automate the use of AI in Photoshop & Lightroom

Retouch Landscapes using AI

These presets will help you...
Transform your landscapes into beautifully retouched shots.
Achieve perfect masks instantly with one-click AI presets.
Retouch landscapes professionally regardless of your skill level.

From William.

I know when I first started on my photography journey, learning how to retouch my images was quite daunting. Over the years, I’ve developed an editing workflow that is highly effective, fun, and intuitive to adopt. 


In this toolset, you’ll get:

  • Analog Adaptive Presets - From Fuji to Kodak, Vista, and Polaroid bring that nostalgic feeling into any of your images with just one-click.
  • Exposure Adaptive Presets - Poor lighting? No problem! These exposure presets take out the hassle of waiting for the perfect light and create stunning results in no time.
  • Natural Adaptive Presets - Choose from a variety of golden or blue hour, day or night, snowy or long exposure presets that help you capture the essence of nature in your photography.
  • Signature Adaptive Presets -  My favorite AI Presets that I designed specifically for landscape images. You can enhance light and color, add drama, and much more with these powerful tools.

What's Included

200+ One-click pro retouching tools.

Perfect Exposure

Transform your photographs from 'good' to 'outstanding' at the click of a button. That is possible with any of these presets.

Nostalgic Feeling

From Fuji to Kodak, Vista, and Polaroid bring that nostalgic feeling into any of your images with just one-click.

Flawless Light

AI presets to achive perfect golden or blue hour, day or night, snowy or long exposure. Every time.

Landscapes Perfected

Enhance light and color, add drama, and more with my signature presets, designed specifically for landscape images.


No matter your skill level - beginner or expert - with the included guides, you'll be able to easily install and use these AI Presets.


These presets can accomplish tasks that take hours in mere seconds. Leaving you more time to be creative.

Limited Time Offer

Hurry! This special offer is ending soon...

William Patino Landscape Adaptive Presets

Where revolutionary technology meets expert knowledge. This bundle includes four packs of the most advanced landscape retouching tools you'll ever need.

With just one click, tap into the groundbreaking AI technology in Photoshop and Lightroom to achieve impeccable, professional-grade retouching every single time.
Specifically designed to enhance the dramatic effect of your landscape images. Using these AI presets allows you to rapidly craft powerful transformations to your images.
From changing the entire mood of an image to enhancing the natural beauty, using AI selections to perfect and enhance your art.

Hear what other users have to say…

“It’s quite amazing working with these presets in Lightroom. If I don’t know what to do with a specific photo I’ll click through and suddenly I’m all inspired to take an image in a new direction!”
- Yolanda Everest, Aspiring Photographer

“Some of these presets are so excellent I didn’t need to change a thing! I used a few others and made small edits, but have had great results in my photography! I’m really happy I bought these AI Presets.”
- Kyle Wells, Professional Photographer

“I’ve seen presets before and never understood how they would be an advantage, but took the leap and wow!! These really make me feel more artistic and I end up producing much better results. Thanks, William!”
- Katie Bloomfield, Hobbyist Photographer




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