Do you know how much drama you are missing with your monochrome conversion?

Believe me, I’ve made the same mistakes too!

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Learn my field-tested process for creating dramatic and impactful monochrome landscape images.

This masterclass is about making better decisions when editing scenes in monochrome. When do you opt to turn a landscape into a monochrome masterpiece? What sort of images are best served in monochrome? What are the most effective tools to use in doing this in editing? Learn my entire process from start to finish. You’ll be able to create dramatic images like you never thought possible before!


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Create majesty, drama, impact, and AWE.

This course is for you if…

You’ve struggled to create portfolio-worthy monochrome images.

You’re intimidated by editing raw files in Photoshop.

You’re unsure how to enhance light and localized detail in an image.

Imagine you could…

  • Transform flat images into ones with more light, depth, and drama.
  • Apply editing adjustments in isolated parts of an image and not just the whole thing.
  • Create professional-looking monochrome images ready to print and hang on the wall.

Hear what landscape photographers have to say…

“There are so many ways to turn mono images into something artistic and dramatic I never realized. This course assisted me in my editing so much!”
– P.G.

“I took one image from being black and white and quite bland into that effect I was really going for. Couldn’t be more pleased!”
– H.B.

“William takes up some very simple points that shifted how I thought monochrome should be shot and then edited. I really can’t wait to go out for another shoot and apply this course to my next series!”
– D.S.

"I created this course to help break down what it is that makes a good mono and how to achieve it by using my simple and effective methods with Adobe Camera Raw. After watching this course, you’ll be able to transform your raw files and create powerful monochrome images with ease."

William Patino


Monochrome Photography


The best tips and tricks on how to get dramatic effects when turning images into monochromes.

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1h 04m






In this lesson, Will introduces the course, outlining what’s ahead and things to consider. 


Removing Color

A brief overview of the layout and design of Camera Raw and how to remove color from an image, for either black and white or a cooler toned monochrome. 


Light And Contrast

Learn how to adjust the light and contrast of your file to create depth and visual impact. 


Final Adjustments

Final tonal and local adjustments made to complete the image. 


Removing Color

Starting with a new raw file, see how the monochrome conversion is done and the theory behind the editing approach. 


Light And Contrast

Learn how light and contrast is adjusted locally and globally to dramatically transform the look and feel of the image. 


Local Adjustments

See how local adjustments are made to greatly enhance light and areas of interest, guiding the eye through the scene and creating visual impact.


Final Adjustments

The image is completed with final adjustments.  


Introduction To Image

A new raw file is introduced for monochrome conversion. 


Removing Color And Split Tones

Remove color and see how split toning can be effectively used to adjust shadow and highlight tonality. 


Light And Contrast

Make effective adjustments through global and local adjustments in both highlight and mid-tones.


Final Adjustments

The image is finalized with several local adjustments to add further visual effect.


Start To Finish

Watch an entire edit from start to finish, demonstrating how all the tools come together to transform a flat image into one with depth and impact.   



Will closes out the course with some final thoughts and considerations. 


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Monochrome Photography


The best tips and tricks on how to get dramatic effects when turning images into monochromes.

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