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Transform the look of your winter images with this range of 30 Lightroom presets.

With these presets you’ll be able to find new and interesting directions to take your editing, allowing you to create stunning and artistic shots. Using presets allows you to rapidly apply powerful transformations to your images.


Create stunning and artistic shots!

These presets are for you if…

You can’t get the desired result when editing your photos.

Your landscape images lack detail and vibrance.

You’re spending too much time aimlessly editing in Lightroom.

Imagine you could…

  • Make major adjustments to an image with just a single click.
  • Considerably speed up your time processing on the computer.
  • Recover color and details that initially seemed lost.

Hear what landscape photographers have to say…

“It’s quite amazing working with these presets. If I don’t know what to do with a specific photo I’ll click through and suddenly I’m all inspired to take an image in a new direction!”
- Y.E.

“Sometimes I don’t need to change a thing, sometimes they give me a great starting point to select where I am going to envision my approach. I’m really happy I bought these.”
- D.F.

“I’ve seen presets before and never understood how they would be an advantage, but took the leap and wow!! These really make me feel more artistic and I end up producing much better results. Thanks, William!”
- K.M.

"By using these presets, you’ll have a fast and effective starting point when editing your files, allowing you to fine-tune smaller adjustments without needing to do the bulk of the processing."

William Patino

Lightroom Presets



Transform the look of your images with this effective selection of 30 Lightroom presets.

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