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My free 60-minute masterclass will teach you the four things you need to know to create masterful landscape images!

If you feel like your landscape images are lacking something, or if you’ve struggled to create impactful images you are really proud of, I’m here to help!

The key is getting these four pillars right. You can forget about spending time and money on fancy and expensive equipment because all I use is a camera and a couple of lenses. No tripod, no filters. These pillars are the absolute fundamentals, and there's no substitute.


You will learn…

How to look for, create, and add depth drama, and atmosphere to your images.

The type of light you really need to look for.

The secrets to composition and how to effectively lead the eye and create depth.

The secret to finding the right location and what to look for in the landscape. 

And, I’ll be doing a live Q&A session!

The biggest and most effective post-processing tip that most people overlook.

PLUS, you’ll get a free gift just for attending.

10 Tips for Landscape Photographers


If you’re an aspiring landscape photographer, learn from my mistakes and accelerate your progress!

"I’ve taught thousands of people over the years how to push through the hardest part of learning landscape photography. I firmly believe that if you nail down these four elements, your images will improve beyond what you ever thought possible!"

Will Patino

Your landscape photography is about to change forever. Are you ready?

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