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It’s Not Your Fault…

Whether you are buying your first camera or bought one, and it sits on a shelf collecting dust, the fact that you aren’t creating the images you hoped for is not your fault.

Landscape photography seems easy.

You just go to a great location, snap a photo, and that’s it, right? You probably know by now that this isn’t the case. I spent three years running into this. I was taking terrible photos of amazing locations. Thousands of hours of study and a humbling career later, I know what I was missing. The right techniques.

Get The Right Techniques

Master your camera, learn the core fundamentals of landscape photography, and create images like this…

Three Things You Need To Master

The Camera

Modern cameras are fantastic. But relying on the camera to create your photos leaves 99% of the magic behind.

The Capture

Taking a photo is your opportunity to tell a story. Most photographers rush and fumble through framing and composing an image.

The Edit

So many beginners think editing is a “pro-only” thing. A good edit will bring more depth and story to your pictures.

What You'll Learn

In this course, you’ll learn the core fundamentals of landscape photography, how to use the full power of your camera and how to edit your images like a pro.

Beginning with setting up your camera, understanding the exposure triangle, and composition theory, and saving images through an easy-to-digest explanation of post-processing in Photoshop and Lightroom.

You’ll join me out in the field on some example shoots, followed by the complete post-processing workflow. I’ve included all the RAW files so you can follow along!

Start Learning Today!

Bonus Content!

Landscape Presets

30 Presets

One-click tools to maximize the look of your photos. These presets have everything you need to get the results you want, without wasted hours of tedious editing.

Landscape Photography Unlocked


Learn the fundamentals of landscape photography and compose better, more impactful, and dramatic photographs. From setting up your camera to understanding the Exposure Triangle.

Hear What Photographers Have to Say…

"These tutorials are informative, detailed, and really make you think about what you are trying to capture and achieve with your photography... a must for any landscape photographer."
- Regan N.

"This is the most complete tutorial package available. It's the bible of landscape photography and I can't emphasize enough how influential it's been for my photographic development."
- Michael C.

"These are some of the best tutorials in the landscape photography community, easy to understand and each episode is filled with a ton of information and knowledge."
- Sam M.

"Finally, an all-inclusive tutorial series that demystifies the shooting and processing techniques we all want to know. Worth the wait."
- Jacob L.

"I've always had trouble with post-processing but the way Will edits and explains how to edit his photos is so easy and not a headache. I have learned so much through his videos."
- Mark H.

"In this course, I break down the walls of landscape photography that EVERY photographer hits, and teach everything useful and relevant for your landscape photography, leaving out all the rest. I know this course will take your photography to a whole new level and make your entire workflow far more enjoyable and purposeful. Cheers!"

William Patino

The Landscape Photographer's Zero to Hero Crash Course


Go from beginner to Landscape Photography Legend (without spending years learning or buying $1000s of new equipment).

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30 easy-to-use bonus editing tools.


215 minutes of easy-to-follow learning.


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Welcome to this course! In this first video, I’ll talk about what to expect from this course, and my goals for your photography!


The Biggest Tips You Need To Get Started

Let’s discuss a few of the barriers we come up against when starting out with landscape photography. I want to share some valuable tips that are going to give you a big boost out the gate.


Setting Up Your Camera

Before we get out into the field, I want to teach you all about your camera. Learn the core settings you will want to apply to your camera before you begin shooting. How to set it up, what function...


The Exposure Triangle Manual Mode

Learn the fundamental elements of capturing light and operating a camera. Breaking down in simple terms ISO, aperture, and shutter speed. Along with how they all work together to create an exposure...


The Histogram

In this one, I’ll take the guesswork out of getting the exposure right, as I breaks down the histogram so you can easily read and use it in your workflow. This way, you’ll confidently w...


How to Compose a Frame

In this lesson, you’ll learn highly effective composition tips and guidelines you can start using right away. You’ll discover how to apply these in your landscape photography, to lead t...


Lets Talk About Post-Processing

This is a really important lesson. So many photographers ignore post-processing. I want to teach you about the importance of getting the most from your RAW files in this digital age.


Saving Storing Your Images

A critical process. Learn the different ways of saving your photographs, after you’ve captured them. From SD card to hard drive and online storage. 


RAW Editing Basics - Global Adjustments

Let’s step into the post-processing world and learn step-by-step simple and effective techniques in Photoshop for editing a RAW file. 


RAW Editing Basics - Local Adjustments

The most powerful and effective way to edit your RAW files. Learn some of my favorite methods for editing and making localized adjustments in your image.   


RAW Editing Basis - Removing Distractions

It happens to the best of us… Dust spots, distracting branches, people, or objects get into your image, and they are distracting. This lesson teaches the common tools used to clean up a scen...


RAW Editing Basics - Noise Sharpening Color Grading

Learn further adjustment tools for sharpening the image, reducing noise, and how to make powerful color separation throughout the scene.  


RAW Editing Basics - Processing Resizing Saving

A critical part of the image-making process. Learn how to prepare your work for the web or print and the best saving options.    


Processing Warping Tweaking in Photoshop

Here you will learn some very useful tools for adjusting the orientation and overall shape of your image, which can help fine-tune the composition and clean up the balance of the scene. 


Lightroom Overview

An alternative to using Photoshop, I’ll show you the similarities between Lightroom and ACR and how the same adjustments can be made to an image. 


Installing Using Presets in Lightroom

Presets can fast-track your workflow, give you creative ideas and even just help you when you’re first starting out. I'll show you how they’re installed, applied, and adjusted. 


In the Field Shooting

This lesson is all about putting everything into practice. Join me out in the field, and I’ll teach you my workflow for how an image is found, composed, and captured. 


Editing Workflow - Part 1

You’ve seen how the image was created; now le’ts get into the RAW file processing of this mountain scene. You’ll learn step by step how to bring out light, color, and depth in you...


In the Field Shooting - Part 2

In this lesson, we’ll head back into the field to create a different image, this time using the telephoto lens! 


Editing Workflow - Part 2

Follow along step by step with the processing workflow, for our telephoto sunset mountain scene. You’ll learn some new techniques for improving composition and building drama in your editing.


How to Edit a Photo With a Large Dynmic Range

In this extra processing segment, I wanted to teach you the approach for working with dark scenes with a large dynamic range. Follow along with the RAW file! 


How to Edit a Sunset Photo

The magical light that we all seek! Follow along and learn fast and valuable tips for processing vibrant sunrises and sunsets.  



Official wrap-up and final thoughts! I can’t wait to see your photos! Join us in the William Patino Facebook Academy.


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Hours Mins Secs

The Landscape Photographer's Zero to Hero Crash Course


Go from beginner to Landscape Photography Legend (without spending years learning or buying $1000s of new equipment).

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